PD 20W Fast charging Wall Adapter

PD 20W Fast charging Wall Adapter

The charger of the future with USB C PD charging and QC 3.0 fast charging is here. Gives a power of over 20W output. USB-C PD charging is a fast-charging feature that charges your iPhone 8 or newer mobile phones extremely fast. Charge of as much as 50 percent in 30 minutes for a mobile phone and an iPad Pro to 50 percent in 60 minutes. This is when connected to a USB-C to Lightning cable. With the right wall socket as our PD Fast Charging wall adapter together with the right USB Type C cable, you have a wall socket that is guaranteed to solve your power problems quickly. The charging time varies depending on environmental factors. The connector is TUV-approved, guarantees a safe product that is approved in the EU.

PD 18W 3A Fast charging cable

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